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On April 18th simplybaseballnotebook.com posted a thread on various MLB.com message boards asking fans whether on not they thought Roger Maris belongs in the Hall of Fame.  Here are some of the responses:


I say let the man who broke The Babe's record in. The M&M boys had the whole nation watching baseball in 61.  And while Mantle got hurt and couldn't complete the race. Maris was able to do it despite all the pressure for him not to. I never really cared for Maris till the movie 61* came out. After seeing that I converted. And see no reason why he should be excluded from the HOF. 

-Michael Zayn

It's more of a sentimental thing for Maris. He was never the same after the 1961 season. Didn't put up a HOF career. He was a career .260 hitter with only 275 HRs and never hit better than .283 for a season.  While I love what he gave to the game, I don't think he should be inducted.     -Drew



Sorry, a couple of good seasons does not qualify one for the hall. And definetly not because he played on a good team. There are enough Yankees in the hall that are in there just because they played for the Yankees.

Maris was a career .260/.345/.476 hitter. And those numbers were really boosted by 1961 and '62, because, those were the only seasons he approached playing a full season. Besides those years, he only played at most 150 games, and in 7 of his 12 seasons he only played less than 130 games.

His name is there for the record. That's enough. Puckett was a borderline pick at best and his numbers were better than Maris'.     -gernb




I agree it is time for Maris (even though he is a *gag* Yankee) to be put in the Hall of Fame. In fact it should have been done long ago.




What do Roger Maris, Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson have in common?   They'll be remembered for NOT being in the Hall long after most of their contemporaries are forgotten.      -Roy


A good modern-day comparison to Maris is Jay Buhner.  Their numbers are very similar.  Maris had a lifetime batting average of .260, 275 homers, 652 BB's and 733 K's.  I don't think he should be in the HOF.      -Ryan


NO WAY! You have to be a dominant player for more than two years to be in the Hall of Fame. They shouldn't keep on lowering the bar. So what if he slugged 61 HRs? Nothing else about him warrants a HOF induction.       -DzmyNeeZ3113    


Maybe (he should be a HOFer) for best baseball haircut. In a time when rock and roll was thriving, he proved that having a buzz cut was still cool. He was one of my favorites. Did you know his last name was actually Maras? He changed it because Greeks were not allowed to play baseball until 1959 and he broke in with Cleveland in 1957. No one was the wiser. He's a HOF to me.     -martinbt 


Maris does NOT belong in the Hall of Fame...

He hit 275 Career Homeruns, which is 115th all-time... This puts him behind Paul O' Neil, Will Clark, Bobby Bonilla, Rickey Henderson, Cecil Fielder, Gary Carter, and Ted Kluszewski...

He had 851 RBI's, which is not even in the top 250 ever... This puts him behind Chris Chambliss, Julio Franco, George Bell, Amos Otis, and BJ Surhoff...

He hit .260 for his career, stole 21 bases in his career, was not known for being a great defensive player, never hit higher than .283 in a season, had above 100 RBI's only 3 times, had above 30 homeruns only 3 times, etc, etc, etc...

In short, he is, in my mind, not even worthy of consideration into the Hall...  As other posters have stated, one great year does not get a player into the Hall of Fame, among the games' elite...        - Mike


As I said on another board, I think that it's called the Hall of "FAME" for a reason. It's not called the Hall of Accomplishments. Those two summers made Roger Maris one of the most "famous" players in baseball history and there definately should be a place for him at Cooperstown.      -lea44


Roger Maris and Pete Rose should both be in the Hall of Fame. Definitely. I think that being unbelievably supergreat for a relatively short period of time can make a person just as worthy of the Hall of Fame as being just regular great for a long period of time.  Maris never hit above .300 and he hit 30 home runs in only 3 seasons, but I think he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame just for what he did that one year and for holding a record like that for such a long time.         -jerematts


Maris IS in the Hall of Fame, as there is a display of his historic chase to catch Ruth... Roger Maris'  record deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and it is...  Roger Maris, the overall player, does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, and he isn't...      -thevoice2


His career stats do not merit him for the Hall of Fame.  HOWEVER, the HOF has proven to be more than just numbers.  (Most recent inductee-Kirby Puckett.  Who also has been argued whether he belongs in the HOF) The Hall is also a collective contribution to the game.  What has Maris meant to the game?  In my mind, breaking "The Babe's" single season HR mark and having it still challenged and talked about 37 years later, that is a HUGE contribution to the game. 

Again, his overall numbers statistically do not qualify for him HOF consideration, but his contribution to the game does.  He definitely deserves to have his name mentioned and displayed along with the other Hall of Famers.       -Josh K


From a historical prospective as well as what he meant to the Yankees, I would definitely vote yes.  But, as we all know baseball is a game of statistics,  many of which are irrelevant.  He also played for the love of the game and not for greed.

He let the kid in right field keep the ball so he could make a buck for himself.  That alone should get him in the Hall.        -oberkfell


Absolutely NOT. plus I dont think he is eligible anymore. He never had a great career just put together a couple of solid years. If a couple years were all that it takes then George Foster would go too as well as Cecil Fielder. Keep in mind only once did Maris hit over 40 homeruns.          -Brad



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