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2004 HRs

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Year 2: 2004

#1(5): 5/22/04, @ Metrodome (W 9-1) - A 412 foot, solo shot in the 2nd off the White Sox' Neal Cotts. 
the skinny:  Morneau's first major league blast in '04 came just one day after his call up.  He went 3 for 3 in the game with 2 RBI.

#2(6): 5/25/04, @ Tropicana Field (L 1-6) - A solo shot in the 3rd off Victor Zambrano. 
the skinny:  Morneau's second homerun in just his 11th at bat was a towering blast that landed high in the rightfield seats.  When he made contact, Twins' broadcaster Dick Bremer simply said "There it goes."

#3(7): 7/17/04, @ Kaufman Stadium (W 4-1) - A solo shot in the 6th off Jimmy Gobble. 
the skinny:  In just his second game after being re-called from Triple A Rochester, Morneau lifted a fly ball just over the rightfield wall to ice the game for the Twins.

#4(8): 7/20/04, @ Comerica Park (W 5-4 [10 innings]) - A three run blast in the 3rd off Jeremy Bonderman.
the skinny:  The towering blast cleared the bullpen in rightfield and put the Twins up 4-2. When contact was made, Twins colorman Bert Blyleven said "he got it".

#5(9): 7/25/04, @ Camden Yards (W 8-4) - A 395 foot, three run blast in the 2nd off Daniel Cabrera.
the skinny:  The titanic blast gave the Twins a 6-0 lead and could not be contained by Camden Yards.  Morneau became the 35th player, and first Minnesota Twin, to hit a ball onto Eutaw Street. 

#6(10): 8/3/04, @ Metrodome (W 10-0) - A two run shot in the 7th off Anahiem's Matt Hensley.
the skinny:  A long homerun hit to dead center field, the blast scored Lew Ford and gave the Twins a 9-0 lead as they routed the Angels.

#7(11): 8/4/04, @ Metrodome (W 6-3) - A solo shot in the 6th off Anahiem's Ramon Ortiz.
the skinny:  Morneau's second homerun in as many days gave the Twins a 4-3 lead.  The ball landed in the football press box in right-center field.

#8(12): 8/8/04, @ Metrodome (L 6-5 [18]) - A two run shot in the 18th off Oakland's Octavio Dotel.
the skinny:  Morneau did his best to extend the marathon game by golfing a Dotel offering over the centerfield fence.  The two run blast cut the score to 6-5, but the Twins were unable to score the tying run and fell in 18 innings.

#9(13): 8/12/04, @ Safeco Field (W 6-3) - A two run shot in the 1st off Ryan Franklin.
the skinny: The two run liner over the rightfield wall, gave the Twins a quick 2-0 lead and he wasn't done yet....

#10(14): 8/12/04, @ Safeco Field (W 6-3) - A two run shot in the 5th off Ryan Franklin.
the skinny:  In front of 51 friends and family, Morneau capped off his first multi-homer game with another two run blast that just cleared the wall in left-center.  His 4 RBI were a career high.

#11(15): 8/17/04, @ Metrodome (W 8-2) - A 433 foot, solo shot in the 3rd off the Yankees' Javier Vazquez.
the skinny:  In only his second at bat against the Yankees, Morneau's made a lasting impression.  His upper deck blast gave the Twins a 3-0 lead and help them gain their first regular season victory against New York since 2001.

#12(16): 8/21/04, @ Metrodome (W 8-1) - A 417 foot, solo shot in the 4th off Cleveland's Chad Durbin.
the skinny:  The towering fly that Twins radio announcer John Gordan said "was as high as it was far", gave the Twins a 2-1 lead.  Torii Hunter followed Morneau with another homerun.

#13(17): 8/25/04, @ Ameriquest Field (W 8-5) - A 409 foot, solo shot in the 4th off Ryan Drese.
the skinny:  Lucky number thirteen went to the deepest part of Americquest Field in Arlington.  It gave the Twins a 7-2 lead.

#14(18): 8/29/04, @ Angel Stadium (L 2-4) - A solo shot in the 4th off Kelvim Escobar.
the skinny:  The high, towering blast landed in the rightfield bleachers and tied the score at 1.  The Twins are now 10-3 in games that Morneau homers.

#15(19): 8/31/04, @ Metrodome (W 8-5 [11]) - A solo shot in the 1st off Texas' Ryan Drese.
the skinny:  A moonshot to centerfield, the clout was Morneau's 10th homerun of the month and second in less than a week off Drese.

#16(20): 9/3/04, @ Metrodome (W 2-0) - A 416 foot, solo shot in the 6th off Kansas City's Darell May.
the skinny:  Morneau's 20th career homer was a line shot that kept rising until it hit the facing of the upper deck in rightfield. The blast followed a solo shot by Torii Hunter and gave the Twins a 2-0 lead.

#17(21): 9/4/04, @ Metrodome (W 4-3) - A three run shot in the 1st off Kansas City's Mike Wood.
the skinny:  A moonshot was the Candian's second homer in as many days and gave the Twins a 3-0 lead.  Veteran Twins radio announcer Herb Carneal responded, "Oh, there it goes," when Morneau made contact.

#18(22): 9/25/04, @ Jacobs Field (L 3-5) - A solo shot in the 5th off Scott Elarton.
the skinny:  After sitting out most of the week with a sore hand, Morneau homered for the first time in three weeks.  The blast easily cleared the rightfield fence, and was his 40th (including 22 in Triple A) of the 2004 season.

#19(23): 9/30/04, @ Yankee Stadium (L 4-6) - A solo shot in the 6th off Javier Vazquez.
the skinny:  Morneau's towering blast to right gave the Twins a 3-2 lead and knocked Vazquez out of the game. The Yankees however, rallied for a 6-4 win and clinched the AL East.

by David Zingler