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2005 HRs

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Year 3: 2005

#1(24): 4/22/05 @ Comerica Park (L 5-4 [10]) - A solo shot in the 9th off Troy Percival. 
the skinny:  Morneau's first homer in '05 came in his first game back after being beaned in the head on April 6.  The towering blast to right tied the game at 4 in the 9th.

#2(25): 4/30/05 @ Metrodome (W 4-2) - A 456 foot, two run moon shot in the 1st off the Angels' Kelvim Escobar. 
the skinny:  The Canadian's 25th career home run was Bunyanesque, landing in the upper deck in right-center field.  With Joe Mauer on first, it gave the Twins a 2-0 lead.

#3(26): 5/3/05 @ Metrodome (L 4-2) - A 353 foot, solo shot in the 2nd off the Indians' Jake Westbrook. 
the skinny:  Morneau got the Twins on the board, leading off the 2nd with an opposite field homer.

#4(27): 5/4/05 @ Metrodome (L 5-4) - A solo shot in the 3rd off the Indians' Kevin Millwood. 
the skinny:  Morneau got the Twins on the board with a blast to right, tying the game at 1.

#5(28): 5/6/05 @ Tropicana Field (W 7-1) - A two run blast in the 5th off Rob Bell. 
the skinny:  Morneau's line drive down the right field line was just high enough to clear the wall, scoring Joe Mauer ahead of him.

#6(29): 5/7/05 @ Tropicana Field (W 8-1) - A three run blast in the 9th off Trevor Miller. 
the skinny: Inserted as a defensive replacement in the 8th, Morneau made the most of his only plate appearance, belting a towering blast to right.

#7(30): 5/18/05 @ Metrodome (L 10-3) - A solo shot in the 6th off the Blue Jays' Vinnie Chulk. 
the skinny: Morneau's 30th career bomb, an upper deck blast to right, cut Toronto's lead to 7-3.

#8(31): 6/9/05 @ Bank One Ballpark (L 4-3) - A solo blast in the 5th off Javier Vazquez. 
the skinny: A moonshot to dead center, the homer put the Twins on the board.  It is Morneau's second career homer off Vazquez.

#9(32): 6/11/05 @ Dodger Stadium (W 5-3) - A two run shot in the 3rd off Derek Lowe. 
the skinny: Morneau's second homer in three games drove in two and gave him 4 RBI on the night.

#10(33): 6/28/05 @ Metrodome (W 11-8) - A 435 foot, solo blast in the 8th off the Royals' Ryan Jensen. 
the skinny: Morneau broke a 50 at bat homerless streak with a towering fly to right that landed in the upperdeck above the Dome's football pressbox.

#11(34): 7/2/05 @ Metrodome (W 4-1) - A three run clout in the 2nd off the Devil Rays' Seth McClung. 
the skinny: Morneau's blast gave the Twins a 3-0 which was enough for starter Kyle Lohse.  It was the big Canadian's 2nd HR in 4 games.

#12(35): 7/23/05 @ Comerica Park (W 5-2) - A solo blast in the 6th off Justin Verlander. 
the skinny: The Canadian helped the team avoid a sweep with this blast in the second game of the double header.  It also helped silence the whispers that he may be demoted.

#13(36): 7/27/05 @ Yankee Stadium (W 7-3) - A solo shot in the 9th off Alex Graman. 
the skinny: Morneau's towering blast put the icing on the cake of a much needed victory.

#14(37): 7/31/05 @ Fenway Park (L 4-3) - A solo shot in the 4th off Jon Papelbon. 
the skinny: Morneau's clout to deep right-center wasn't enough to help avoid a sweep in Boston.

#15(38): 8/1/05 @ Metrodome (L 2-1) - A solo shot in the 2nd off the A's Joe Blanton. 
the skinny: The towering shot hit off the facing of the upperdeck, but was all of the offense the Twins could muster.

#16(39): 8/13/05 @ McAfee Coliseum (L 5-2) - A two run blast in the 6th off Kirk Saarloos. 
the skinny: The homerun gave the Twins a 2-0 run they could not hold.

#17(40): 8/16/05 @ US Cellular Field (W 9-4 [16]) - A two run shot in the 6th off Freddy Garcia. 
the skinny: The towering shot gave the Twins a 3-1 lead in what turned out to be a marathon contest.

#18(41): 8/30/05 @ Kaufman Stadium (W 7-4) - A three run blast in the 6th off Jimmy Gobble. 
the skinny: The mammoth blast landed in the right-centerfield fountains and gave the Twins a 7-2 lead.

#19(42): 9/10/05 @ Jacobs Field (L 7-5) - A two run shot in the 9th off David Riske. 
the skinny: Morneau's homer was too little to late as the Twins lost to Cleveland for the second straight night.

#20(43): 9/17/05 @ Metrodome (W 5-0) - A two run shot in the 4th off the White Sox' Orlando Hernandez. 
the skinny: The 24-year-old reached the 20 homer milestone for the first time. The blast put the Twins on the board and was all Johan Santana would need to net win No .14.

#21(44): 9/19/05 @ McAfee Coliseum (L 7-6) - A solo shot in the 7th off Kiko Calero. 
the skinny: The homerun to right put the Twins on the board.

#22(45): 9/30/05 @ Metrodome (W 7-3) - A grand slam in the 8th off the Tigers' Jamie Walker. 
the skinny: Morneau's first career grand slam was of the pinch hit variety.  The line drive shot to right sealed the deal for the Twins and gave Francisco Liriano his first career victory.

by David Zingler