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SBN: I imagine that game winning hit (on June 17) felt good.


It’s always good to get an opportunity, get in the game. We’ve had a lot of one run games, so I’ve been in some tough situations so it was good to get up there with the bases loaded in the last (inning) and get a hit and win the game for my team.

SBN: You’ve been a big leaguer for a couple of weeks now, what’s that been like?


It’s been good. It’s something I’ve worked my whole life for and something I’ve dreamed of…..I am still trying to feel my way around, get settled in. I am definitely not 100% comfortable here, but I am just trying to enjoy every moment, make the most of it all and go from there.

SBN: Where were you when you learned of the call up?



I was in Norfolk, VA, it was a Sunday, day game against the Triple A team from the Mets. We had gotten beat pretty bad and Rich Miller called me into his office and gave me the good news. From there, I just headed out to Arizona (to join the team).

SBN: Who did you call first?


I called my mom and dad and I also called my girlfriend back in Australia. It was early in the morning there, but I still got a chance to speak to them.

SBN: Growing up in Australia, how much did you know about major league baseball?


My dad played for the national team in Australia…. (and) had a baseball store. He was in business with (former major leaguer) Craig Shipley’s brother and father. I had a chance to grow up around (Shipley), speak with him and (former Brewer) David Nilsson as well…….those guys were fortunate enough to play in the big leagues and passed some of their knowledge to me.

SBN: How popular is baseball in Australia?


There are a lot more kids playing now. It competes with a lot of other summer sports, cricket being the main thing, and a lot of kids like to go to the beach, rather than be on the baseball field.

SBN: Did it get frustrating not getting a call up all of those years?


It’s just one of those things that is not under my control. If it were up to me or any other player, we wouldn’t spend any time in the minor leagues. It’s a learning processes….you have to make the most of it and get better day. If you start looking at why you are not (in the big leagues) and why you aren’t getting any chances, you get frustrated by that you are not going to go out there and give it everything you’ve got. Sure it was frustrating at times, but it just makes this all the more whole while and makes me enjoy every moment and not take anything for granted.”

SBN: Did you ever consider quitting and going back to Australia?


Yeah, kind of, but I this is what I want to do. The minor leagues are not as bad as everyone makes them out. Everybody wants to play here, but I am getting a chance to do what I love to do for a living. It’s definitely frustrating at times; wanting to make it to the big leagues and not getting the chance. You just have to keep plugging away and see what happens.

-David Zingler, July 2005


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